<aside> 👉 Are you excited about Pina? Here is how you can join our journey. We aim for a fast recruiting process, with the goal to accomplish all steps within two weeks.


Step 1: Written Application

✉ Tell us about yourself

Drop us some lines along with the documents mentioned in each job description. We are very curious to read about you.

Step 2: First (Video) Call

💬 Meet Pina

It's time to get to know each other! You will have a first short call with a Pina team member. You can ask all your open questions. And we would like to understand your motivation, expectations, and working style better.

Step 3: Interview day*

*We will do our best to schedule the following three parts into 1 day to allow for a quick process and decision. If time allows, we’d love to schedule a team lunch so you can get to know more Pina Earth team members :)

✏ Work on a small task

Solve a small task related to the job position at home or (if possible) at our office. This does not take longer than 3 hours. The task provides you a first glimpse of Pina's current agenda. And we get a better idea of your skillset. Important: It is not about a 100% perfect solution, but rather about how you approach a given problem.

💬 Present your results

Meet your go-to co-founder, with whom you will be closely working at Pina. You will present and discuss your task and get the chance to ask any open questions.

💬 Personal Interview

In this interview, we would like to better understand the experiences you gained in past projects and jobs as well as your motivation to join Pina. Depending on which role you are applying for, we may ask you for references we can call at this stage.

Step 4: Offer & Onboarding

💚 Join the Pina Team!

If you and we think it's a fit - let's get started! In a last step we will discuss your contract details and everything about your first days at Pina.