<aside> 🌳 Pina Earth is a climate-tech startup based in Munich, Germany. Our mission is to leverage technology to make our forests climate-resilient.

The founders met at CDTM in Munich. Established in 2021, Pina Earth is funded by leading investors such as Y Combinator, XAnge, and Lea-Sophie Cramer and has grown to 15 teammates.


🌍 Why we act

European forests are dying due to the consequences of climate change, namely droughts, storms, and beetle infestations. Thus, not only the forest carbon storage decreases, but also the habitat for many animals and plants. A potential way of fighting forest degradation is to adopt more sustainable forest management practices, i.e. planting climate-resilient mixed forests instead of monocultures. However, this can be very costly for forest owners.

🚀 Our mission

Pina's mission is to protect our forests by quantifying and rewarding sustainable forestry.

🌳 What we do

Pina Earth enables forest owners to access carbon markets the easy way. We build software that automatically assesses forests and simulates its future development to allow us to quantify carbon stock changes over time. Forest owners can store additional carbon in their forests by adopting sustainable forest management practices. Each additional ton of carbon stored generates a "carbon credit". By investing in forest carbon projects, companies contribute to climate protection. Through the sale of carbon credits, forest owners benefit from a recurring income that is reinvested to create diverse, climate-resilient forests.

Read more about forest carbon markets and Pina’s role in innovating them in this **TechCrunch article** or this video bei ZEIT Online.


👉 Who we are currently looking for

Full-Time Positions

Software Engineer, Full Stack

Account Executive - New Business [filled]

Founder’s Associate - People & Operations [filled]

Forest Carbon Project Manager [filled]

Internship Positions

Founder's Associate Intern

Product Management Intern

Forestry Consultant Intern [filled]

Software Engineering Intern [filled]